This is how we listen better

Every household is different, of course.  Our house is crazy, all the time.  We joke about the fact that we seem to have 400 jobs to do constantly. We run Mac AV, not just the website but the installation side, we know this, i'm publishing on our website right now. We also have a second business running as well plus two children to run around after. Between work, sports and school there isn't much downtime around here.  Sound familiar?

But... when we are at home or we do have downtime we always have our Sonos speakers doing their thing.  This is how we listen better.

#1 At home with the Kids

Saturday afternoons, once all the sports are done for the week usually consist of backyard fun at home whether it be bikes, scooters, the trampoline, or the blowup pool. The music is always on.  Our 8 year old daughter has her own playlist.  I think it has about 10 songs in it that just go around and around, but she loves it, and we love that she sings like no-one is listening and dances like no-one is watching.  That's your right as a kid!

#2 Music with Friends

Its fairly rare these days, but when we do have a catchup with our very patient friends, its on the back patio with good food, some drinks and someones playlist on in the background. Some have the app and can control our Sonos, even if they don't have any Sonos in their home!  Its always nice to change it up a bit and get some new tunes playing.

#3 A day in the Office

There are many many days spent in our home office. There is always something that needs to be done, an update required, a spreadsheet to do...  Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't believe music gives you energy and lightens your mood?  This is generally when the radio is playing (yes through my Sonos) so i can sing to my computer and catch a bit of news to keep up with the world.

#4 The dreaded housework

What can i say.. this is a thankless, boring, time consuming task.  I put my favourite playlist to work and just get on with the job.  The neighbours must know when its cleaning day!

#5 The spontaneous disco party

Probably not what your thinking.  Every now and then, when we are congregating in the kitchen, a favourite song comes through and we all just drop what we are doing and have a family disco!  It only goes for one or two songs, sometimes the lights go dim and we all just sing and dance like clowns.  It's true. It's so silly but so much fun!

I would live to hear how you #listenbetter