IT Data & Business Integration

What is it all about?

Its about bringing it all together

Every office space is unique, every business' requirements are different.  The options are endless.

From videoconferencing, screens, interactive white boards, projectors and integrated audio systems, we can turn your room into an interactive space optimising your creativity and productivity and in turn provide the best possible service to your customers.

making your life easier,

One touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. A Control system such as Crestron provides a simple solution for automating everything from AV equipment to lights and shades all into an effortless integrated system. Mac AV offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific business technology needs.

and transforming your business from this...

Cable management is one of the most pressing challenges installers and technicians face in server rooms and data centres.  

Tackling your rack cable management during set-up and installation of data racks will ensure that it is easy to expand, reconfigure and perform maintenance without having to worry about unplugging the wrong thing or navigating through a tangled web of cable.  We cannot stress how important this is.

to this.

 There is so much you can do when it comes to IT Data & Business Integration.  Mac AV can help you design and implement the most suitable solution to your needs.

Control as little or as much as you like

From your own device

Custom designed to suit your style

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