Mac AV has been installing Audio Visual Solutions into business for many years. Every office space is unique and every business’ requirements are different. Mac AV can turn your room into an interactive space optimising your creativity and productivity and in turn provide the best possible service to your customers.

Safety and WHS regulations are so high on the list of Corporations, therefore we always recommend that a professional should supply and install Audio Visual equipment. An experienced team will ensure the right brackets and hardware are used to mount equipment in a safe and secure manner.

Services offered can be as simple as wall mounting your TV or can extensive and include many or all aspects outlined below.

Wall Mounting TV’s, Screens & Interactive Whiteboards

It is always advantageous to have your equipment mounted where possible. Our experts will provide advice on room positioning, height and safety. We will ensure your items are in the optimum viewing position and all cables and wires are either completely hidden or organised so they are of minimal view.

Projectors & Projector Screens

With so many projectors on the market, and technology moving at the speed of light, it is very difficult to know which solution is best for your business. We have experience on which equipment is reliable, good quality, easy to use and has longevity.

Projectors and screens must suit the environment to which they will be installed. Our team can offer the best solution to meet your needs

Video Conferencing

Working face-to-face with people all over the world is common place in the corporate world. At the touch of a button you can video stream in High Definition connecting with anyone, anywhere. This form of business communication is the most effective far outweighing voice calling, emails and eliminates the need for expensive flights.

Cable Management

Cable management is one of the most pressing challenges installers and technicians face in server rooms and data centres.

Tackling your rack cable management during set-up and installation of data racks will ensure that it is easy to expand, reconfigure and perform maintenance without having to worry about unplugging the wrong thing or navigating through a tangled web of cable. We cannot stress how important this is.

Having your rack completely organised and labelled correctly can save your business hundreds of hours when it comes to office outages, moves, faults etc.

Music Systems

We all know that pubs, clubs and retail outlets have the music playing to indulge their customers. However, installing music systems throughout the office is becoming very popular as well. We have recently installed quite a few Sonos systems into office environments where volume and playlists can be controlled by one or two key people. Mac AV can work with your office management and IT staff to tailor the best solution to suit your office culture and space.

Control Systems

One touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation, bring down the projector screen and darken your room. A Control system such as Crestron provides a simple solution for automating everything from your AV equipment to the temperature of the room all into an effortless integrated system. Mac AV offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific business technology needs.

Digital Signage & Video Display Walls

This method of communication is on the rise as well. We now walk into a café or restaurant and see menu’s displayed on TV’s, this eliminates the need for staff manually changing whiteboards or menu boards and offers a clean, neat menu that is easily read instantly updatable.

Corporations are also utilising this technology to impress clients in reception and high traffic areas with their brand and company information displayed which can be completely customisable. Multiple TV’s are often grouped offering extended, clone or multi-channel viewing to display your media. The picture above is a recent installation of ours which was installed into a reception area of an Investment company.