The Ultimate Dual Purpose Home Theatre

This beautiful Home Theatre was completed by our team in conjunction with our clients builder and cabinet maker.   

The custom joinery holds fixed 65" LED TV.  The 110" motorised projector screen rolls down from a hidden cavity with the press of a button on the clients RTI Control system custom programmed specifically for their requirements.

The RTI iPad Remote also controls the lighting and blinds in the room.  When you go from TV to Projector mode, with the touch of a button, the lighting dims and the blinds come down ready for you to enjoy your favourite movie.

A Marbleous Home Theatre

Its not every day that these projects come around.  This was a grand scale installation!

This 85" TV is showcased in a purpose built marble wall. The install had to be millimeter perfect so the TV was perfectly centered as there was only a 10mm tolerance all the way around.  The cavity shown here is at 500mm deep where we had to attach an arm bracket that would not only accommodate the TV weight, but the James Audio Centre Speaker to sit flush with the Marble.

Taking into consideration the weight of the TV and James Audio Centre Speaker, it took a lot of time and skill!  Rob is such a perfectionist and it shows on projects where there is absolutely no room for error. 

A beautiful, elegant cinematic lounge room

A beautiful and elegant media room with a perfectly aligned screen and precision placed projector will make any room look amazing.

Paramount Coffee Project Surry Hills

Mac AV installed the Sonos System into the PCP Cafe in Surry Hills.  This rustic building beautifully renovated hosts the Sonos Control Panel, Play:3's & Subs situated around the Cafe all controlled by the clients iPad.


The Golden Age Cinema Bar

You may be able to spot the Playbar above the bar area.

Data Rack Upgrade

The racks displayed in the 'before' shots are so common.  Its hard to believe that the before & afters are of the same rack, but trust us, they are.  It takes a lot of time and patience to achieve this but the end results are definitely worth it.

Hidden Television in Cavity

What a great way to hide your TV when is not in use, we love showing how amazing and creative people can be in their homes.

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