Nonda Zus Reversible USB Car Charger and Car Finder


2X Charging Speed

Charge two Apple devices or two non Quick Charge devices at their swiftest speed, two times faster than regular chargers.

All-in-One App

Find your car, monitor your car battery, log your mileage and more. Do it all with the ZUS®connected car app.

Easy to Use

Set up once. Then forget it. The ZUS® app works quietly in the background to give you more time, savings, and peace of mind.

Find Your Car

ZUS® automatically saves your parking location. Simply open the ZUS® app to find your car with the Map or Compass.

*Does not support multi-story or underground parking lots.

Monitor Your Car Battery

ZUS® analyzes your car battery performance over time and sends you alerts if anything’s up.

Log Your Business Miles

Use your personal car for work? If that’s a yes, you could save thousands in tax deductions by automatically tracking your drives with ZUS®.

Instantly Share Your Parking Spot

Skip the complex instructions. Connect to loved ones via Family Share and they can easily find where your car is parked with their phone.

Say Goodbye to Parking Tickets

Set a parking timer to alert you 10 minutes before time runs out.


Specifications: ZUS Standard Edition
Size: 1.44 x 0.68 x 3.33 in / 36.05 x 17.36 x 84.64 mm
Weight: 0.99oz / 28g
Input Current: 2.2A - 1.1A
Output Current: 4.8A Max (2.4A Max of each USB port)
Input Voltage: DC 12 - 24V
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Phone Compatibility: Phones or tablets with iOS 8.0 or newer or Android 4.3 or newer.
Charging Compatibility: Phones, tablets, cameras, and other devices that charge via USB. Fast charging is not compatible for devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge.
Car Compatibility: All cars except for select BMWs due to the size of the cigarette lighter ports.